Wheel Spacer Pair 4X137 10X1.25mm 1.5"



Fitting Time:
60 Minutes
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  • Improves the stability & handling characteristics of your ATV or UTV
  • Spacers bolt on to the wheel hubs and widen your ATV or UTV's stance spreading the forces from turning or maneuvering over a wider area creating a more stable and responsive ride
  • Can be installed in the front, rear or both
  • Made from highest quality 6061 Aluminium
  • Wheel studs and nuts included
  • Sold as pairs

Bronco Wheel Spacers have been designed to improve the stability and handling characteristics of your ATV or UTV. The Spacers bolt on to the wheel hubs widening your ATV or UTV's stance. This spreads the forces generated from turning or maneuvering over a wider area. The end result is a more stable ride and more responsive handling. Spacers can be installed in the Front, Rear or Both. Bronco Wheel Spacers are manufactured from the highest quality 6061 Aluminium. This lightweight material provides incredible strength and durability for the toughest conditions. Wheel Studs and Nuts are included and spacers are sold as pairs.

This 1.5" Spacer is a 4/137  10 x 1.25mm lug nut.

*PLEASE NOTE: The Torque/Lug Nut tightness must be re-checked after the first 5 miles or 30 minutes of riding and also after any long or aggressive ride.

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