A Simple Mottofind good value parts we'd use ourselves

It's been a pretty simple journey for us. Find parts that last, guards that make our bikes go harder, and gear that gets us further off the beaten track than anyone else. If we wouldn't trust it in the middle of the outback revving through the bog, we wouldn't sell it.

It All Starts With The Ride

It was pretty basic back in the day. We loved bikes, and all we wanted was the perfect ride. When we started sourcing and supplying parts and accessories to Australia it became pretty clear that other aussies liked our approach. Make it tough, make it last, keep it in budget. Since then we've gone on to become Australia's largest retail supplier of ATV parts and accessories (and we still ride when we can).

What Australians Need

When we see demand for a product, part or accessory, we scour the market to find the best quality products for the best price. We started out manufacturing in our shed at night, and now we import and assemble parts from 8 different countries, so we’re doing something right!

Born To Ride

We’re a family business, and Motorcycles and ATV’s have been in our family for over 40 years. We grew up riding shotgun, grazed our knuckles on drive lines before we’d left school, and ran a Motorcycle dealership before APS. We knew Aussies wanted a one stop shop for everything to turn any ATV into a monster ride, and so APS was born.

Meet The team

Dirk Price



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