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Essential tips to consider when choosing ATV tyres

Are you planning to purchase new tyres for your ATV? Picking the right ATV tyre can be a tough task, especially if it's your first time. There are numerous brands to choose from, and this can create confusion. Moreover, ATVs are designed for various uses, meaning not all tyres will perform the same function. Since the tyres you pick can hinder or enhance your ATV's performance, be sure to consider the following tips when shopping for your ATV wheels.

Know your needs

Before you can start looking at the brands and specs of various ATV rims, including wheel spacers, think about your requirements and lifestyle. Which kind of road do you drive on? What do you carry? What about the weather conditions?

Match your needs

Now that you understand what you need, it is easier to pick your tyres from the four main types: mud, snow, sand, and all-terrain. All-terrain tyres tend to be common particularly among farmers who need an all-purpose ATV. Additionally, before choosing either steel wheels or alloy wheels, make sure the type you pick matches your needs.

Choose between radial and bias

Bias tyres are designed with a stiffer shoulder and sidewall, making them suitable for smooth pavements and steep inclines. A radial tyre, on the other hand, allows for more surface contact, improving traction while reducing compaction and tread wear. Radial tyres also absorb more shock, making them more comfortable to ride on.

Know your ATV's load capacity

The load capacity of the tyres you choose needs to conform to your ATV's maximum load capacity. Purchasing heavy duty tyres does you no good if your machine cannot handle the extra weight.

Pay attention to ply

Ply rating is your tyre's load capacity. If you use your ATV for general purposes, you don't require anything higher than four. But if you intend to haul bulky items around, consider going with 6 ply tyres, 8 ply tyres, or 10 ply tyres. Note that ply also indicates a tyre's puncture resistance; choose a higher thickness if you regularly drive over cacti, sharp rocks and thorns.

Choose your tread

The primary element of mud and snow tyres is deep tread. If you own an all-purpose ATV, select a tread depth that ranges between 1-1.5 inches. Shallow depths are made for pavement and turf whereas deeper treads are required for an ultra-soft and loose terrain.

Contact Aussie Powersports today for any kind of ATV tyres you need. We have all the best brands the market has to offer, and we'll help you choose suitable tyres for your ATV.

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