ECOXGEAR Wired Microphone for Party Speakers



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  • EcoBoulder Max
  • EcoBoulder+
  • EcoTrek
  • EcoXplorer

The ECOXGEAR Wired Dynamic Microphone is designed to be used with the ECOXGEAR range of speakers including the EcoBoulder Max, EcoBoulder+, EcoTrek, and EcoXplorer.

The Wired Dynamic Microphone is the perfect accessory for karaoke, street performance, school, sporting events, real estate auctions, and a variety of public announcements.

With the ECOXGEAR Wired Dynamic Microphone, every day is a party!

·          Cable Length:  3.0m

·          Mic Height:     20cm

·          1/4" Aux Jack

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