Winch 2500Lb Electric Metal Cord Miller Utility



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  • Rated Line Pull of 2500lbs (1134kg)
  • 12V DC motor
  • Weighs only 9kg
  • Includes a remote and handlebar-mounted rocker switch
  • 3-Stage all metal gear box makes it more durable and can handle higher temperatures compared to alloy ones
  • Ideal for use on ATV's and UTV's only
  • EWP2500A

Packed with power this winch give you serious pull, for BIG BUCKS OFF! Pound for pound, the best around! Pulling out stumps, getting your ride unstuck, clearing blockage, loading equipment... it all just got a whole lot easier. ATV Winch Kits work hard to deliver peak performance, up to an amazing 2,500 lbs., about 6' per minute! Each includes both a remote and a handlebar-mounted Rocker Switch for operation from on top of your ATV or at a distance. A Wireless Remote Kit is also available for greater-distance use. Wonder Winches: Full-steel gear-reduction drive; Free-spooling clutch; Automatic mechanical braking; Wired handlebar-mounted rocker control; Wireless remote control.

*Please note these winches are upgrading and all winches now come with a wireless remote control. You may still receive a hand held remote as well as a wireless remote with your winch subject to availability.

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