Whether you are planning on riding on your own or with friends, and whether you do the majority of your riding in the day or the evening, safety should be a primary concern of yours from the moment you purchase your first ATV or UTV. If you are smart about how you ride, there is no reason that you can’t be safe on an ATV. However, exploring exceptionally rugged terrain or riding through the brush at twilight are experiences that carry reasonable levels of risk. Learning how to manage these risks is part of becoming a seasoned ATV or UTV rider.

One of the ways to manage risk on an ATV or UTV is to invest in the right accessories. Aussie Powersports can help you in that department. We have been operating under our current brand name for the past six years, and our proprietors have been involved in the motorcycle and ATV industries for more than 40 years. We know which accessories can help make riders safer, and we sell those accessories at wholesale prices—always emphasising quality above all else.

ATV Accessories That Can Save Your Life

Of course, not all of the ATV and UTV accessories that we carry at Aussie Powersports are about safety. We also sell aftermarket add-ons that are designed to add joy and usability to your vehicle, from Bluetooth speaker systems to stealth exhausts that can cut the volume of your ATV in half.

For safety purposes, though, it’s a good idea to consider our ATV lights and mirrors in Brisbane. If you are a fan of night-time riding, high powered ATV lights are a must. Your ATV probably already has a headlight, but an extra light that increases visibility can mean the difference between crashing into a tree or a rock and making it home safely. ATV lights are also great if you do outdoor work at night. Just clip the lamp to your ATV, park your ATV in front of your workspace and get to work.

With a set of Kolpin rear side mirrors, meanwhile, you can keep an eye on the terrain behind you as you ride. If you are riding with friends, these ATV and UTV mirrors are perfect for checking behind you to make sure that everyone in your group is still together. If a friend falls behind, a good mirror can let you know to turn back and investigate. If you are of the hunting persuasion, your mirror might even help you spot game.

When you shop at Aussie Powersports for ATV mirrors or ATV lights in Brisbane, you can trust that all of our products are well built and capable of getting the job done. Our lights and mirrors are also incredibly easy to install—so you don’t have to spend hours making your vehicle safer.


Whether you are looking for a new light for your ATV or a set of mirrors for your UTV, Aussie Powersports has what you need. Browse our website today to find the right safety accessories for your vehicle, or call us on 05 4787 4554 to ask about a particular product.

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