Miller Utility ATV & UTV Canvas Seat / Tank Covers

21.02.2018 // Products
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Faded, cracked, torn seats can be easily avoided by protecting it with a Miller Utility Canvas Cover. Instead of replacing it, why not protect it? The Miller Utility Canvas Covers offer superior sun resistance to your seat and/or both tank and seat. Not only do these covers protect from the harshness of the sun, they are capable of offering water resistance to keep your seat dry in light rain or muddy conditions.

The Miller Utility Padded Covers range includes both Seat Covers and one piece Tank & Seat Covers for all popular and current ATV & UTV brands including Yamaha, Honda and Suzuki. They have been designed with comfort and durability in mind and we have stopped short of nothing when it comes to protecting your seat and fuel tank.

Our covers are made from high quality canvas and have been custom designed for each model to ensure the best fit possible. Made with an extra layer of padding to provide maximum cushioning and comfort, this allows you to remain comfortable on those long rides.

Fitting is fast and easy with Velcro and D Ring Straps to secure it to your seat and removing is just as quick. Our covers are available in grey canvas and blends with any ATV or UTV so it will look the part.

If you are looking for the ultimate protection for your seat and/or fuel tank, you can not go past the Miller Utility Canvas Covers. You can view our range here and get yours today!

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