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Make Sure Your ATV Is Protected With An ATV Bash Plate From Suzuki, Yamaha, Or Honda

Riding your ATV in the rugged terrain of Australia can do some damage if riders are not careful and take the time to protect their investments. Riding over unpredictable trails can lead to punctured pipes, a damage radiator, or worse. An ATV bash plate from one of the industry’s leading brands like Honda, Yamaha, or Suzuki is the perfect way to protect an ATV. Aussie Powersports is Australia’s leading supplier of after-market ATV and UTV accessories and one of the few distributors that carry parts that have been made in Australia.

Why Choose A Honda ATV Bash Plate

You surely ride through some rough terrain and if you happen to ride a Honda TRX500, for example, you can take advantage of the protection of the Honda TRX500 Bash Plate Kit. The kit will fit all TRX500 FM/FPE/FPM liquid cooled models. The plate is made of marine grade aluminium, which has a very high tear rating. The result is full protection for the entire foot well from the harsh riding conditions that riders face in Australia.

Aussie Powersports carries several models of Honda bash plates that will fit a variety of Honda ATVs. The company also carries high quality models of the Yamaha ATV bash plate, such as the YFM400/450 Grizzly and the YFM 550/700 Bash Plate Kit. Dealers and customers can find a Suzuki ATV bash plate to fit their Suzuki model too. Aussie Powersports has the absolute largest selection of ATV accessories in Australia. From bash plates and skid plates to seat covers and hunting accessories, Aussie Powersports can meet the needs of most any ATV enthusiast.

Your Choice For All Things ATV

With an unbeatable selection and outstanding service, Aussie Powersports is Australia’s choice for all your ATV needs. With over 40 years in the motorcycle industry, the company has built a solid reputation for excellence by partnering itself with the best name brands in the business. They continually update and grow their range of products to meet the growing demands of dealers and customers. They also continue to grow their stock holding in their warehouse located in Charters Towers QLD. By keeping the 600sqm warehouse as full as possible at all times, Aussie Powersports can ship out products on the same day that they are ordered. The result is super-fast shipping and happy customers.

One of the biggest needs for many riders is that for protection. Most riders travel through some seriously rough terrain. Aussie Powersports offers dealers and customers several options for ATV protection. The Miller utility skid plate kits and the Bison bulbar kits are seen as must-haves in the ATV world. They help to protect the most exposed parts of your ATV and ensure that when you head out for a ride that you will make it back home.

For the finest in quality, the biggest selection, and outstanding service, check out Aussie Powersports, Australia’s leader in supplying ATV accessories. As riders themselves, the staff at the company is in tune to what products can help meet the needs of their customers. Using the products gives the staff first-hand knowledge of the products that can be shared with customers and dealers.