The Miller Utility Hunter Series ATV and UTV Bullbar Siderail Kits

By Rhys Geary on Wednesday, March 26, 2014

The plastics on your bike are often the first, and easiest, part of your bike to damage. And the amount of damage that can be done from a head on hit to an ATV or UTV is often expensive and difficult to repair. 

Enter the Miller Utility Hunter Series ATV and UTV bulbar and siderail kit. These bars are perfect for adding that extra grunt to your bike. Whether out riding those unforgivable Aussie trails, or mustering cattle and need to get a little physical, these bars are the perfect solution. 

The Hunter Series kits are made from light weight steel tubing and are CNC machine bent to ensure the best quality fit and easy installation. The bulbar has reinforced steel mesh plating on the front, a steel plate winch guard, a-arm side protectors with steel mesh and a larger frame for that added protection and toughness.

On top of this unsurpassable protection for your ATV or UTV, this bulbar and siderail kit looks straight up cool. They are black powder coated to look like a genuine part, and will look great on any bike.

So if you are looking to add some extra protection as well as make your bike look that bit meaner, then the Miller Utility Hunter Series ATV and UTV bulbar and siderail kit is for you. Check out our line of bars here

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