GBC Motorsports Grim Reaper 8 Ply ATV and UTV Tyre

By admin aussiepowersports on Thursday, April 10, 2014

If you are looking for a new set of ATV or UTV tyres, look no further. Here at Aussie Powersports, you can't go past the ever impressive Grim Reaper 8ply Radial Tyre made by GBC Motorsports. This superior 8ply design is extremely puncture resistant and will get you through the toughest of terrains. Used by the 2008 Baja 1000 Championship UTV Racing teams that finished first and second, read on to see why this tyre is amongst the top contenders. 

The Grim Reaper is an all-terrain 8ply rated tyre and also a radial tyre which means the radial design enables this tyre to offset the stiffness of the 8ply rubber whilst allowing the tyre to still run smooth, even at high speeds. This radial design plays an important part in minimising the chances of puncturing a sidewall, especially whilst climbing over rocks or passing through rocky creek beds. The design allows the foot print of the tyre to stay square to the surface whilst the sidewalls flex against the faces of the rocks whilst still maintaining maximum contact. It also eliminates roll under in hard cornering and keeps the tread square to the ground while riding on uneven surfaces. Its radial design comprises of a ziz-zag centre ridgeline constructed to provide superior puncture resistance and enhanced rider comfort and control. 

If the 8ply design is not enough, have a look at its tread and lugs. The Grim Reaper combines an aggressive tread pattern with deep wrap around shoulder lugs to give you uncompromising performance and traction on any terrain. The tread runs all the way down the middle of the tyre, ensuring there is always a piece of tread making contact, with no major gaps. This design enables the tyre to be very smooth on hard pack surfaces and eliminates the body of the tyre being exposed to sharp objects that can cause those unwanted and unnecessary punctures. 


The deep wrap around shoulder lugs provide extra traction when wading through those deep mud pits or riding across deep sections of water. The large cut outs allows them to clean out more efficiently whilst providing you with uncompromised traction and a smoother ride in the mud and on dirt surfaces. And as with all their other tyres, GBC Motorsports has subjected the Grim Reaper to the most grueling testing conditions, meaning unsurpassed quality you can trust. So whether your enjoy riding in the mud, cross country or prefer to stick to the trails, the Grim Reapers' truly are the perfect tyres to fit to your ATV or UTV today.

The Grim Reaper is available in a range of sizes to fit your ATV or UTV, please click here to purchase yours, you won't be disappointed. 

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