The Miller Utility Skid Plate Kit – Armour for your ATV or UTV

By Rhys Geary on Thursday, December 05, 2013

Take a look at the underside of your ATV or UTV and it won’t take you long to see quite how under-protected some of the bikes vital components really are. Other than covering some of the motor and drive train, the protection is really lacking not only for the bike but the rider.

We have seen the necessity for greater protection, and have devised a quick to install solution. Made with laser cut aluminum, our range of skid plates are easily attached to the original mounting point of your quad bike.

The plate is crafted from a sheet of 4mm aluminum, and TIG welded for that extra strength. With slotted under body mounting points, the plates are fitted with ease, and allow for any misalignment that may be present.

The difference in comparison to the standard plastic protection is incredibly reassuring, giving the rider confidence that not only is his ATV or UTV protected, but so is he. And all without sacrificing room for servicing and access to oil plugs.

The design of the skid plate ensures that there is no point on which the bike can get hung on, meaning the quad will continue to cross the same rough terrain as before, only now with that extra protection. Any dirt and mud is easy to wash away, as slots cut into the plate ensure water washes away and doesn’t pool, and when it is time for a clean the bash/skid plate is quick to remove and re-install.

But not only does the skidplate protect the ATV or UTV it also protects the rider, with covering over the feet guards.

So if you are looking for that added protection and confidence in tackling that harsh terrain, then the bash/skid plates supplied by Aussie Powersports are for you.

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